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4 B2B Public Relation Strategies For A ONLINE DIGITAL WORLD

b2b PR online relation strategy

Maximizing Media Exposure with Social Networking and web 2.0.

In the terrain of social networking and Web 2.0, Public relations strategies have been reared and nurtured.

And so, it is the dream of any B2B owner to be engaged in the best online media platform in which their expertise and business are exposed to their prospective target markets.

But how you revolutionize your ROI and position your B2B favorably in the front of prospective clients, customers and colleagues can be dependent on how you utilize the free publicity and the additional media queries alone placed at your disposal.

"While waiting for the pool of calls that will come or will not come in or do you just sit by the phone?  Do you blow the trumpets of your fantastic coverage to all those in your contact?"

One key that deems necessary if you want to stretch a little of your media attention along the way is to maximize your media exposure.

Since the advent of online digital media, new ways of maximizing PR have been emerging.

The incredible amounts of traffic being pulled by social networking sites are acting as their own media vehicle for savvy business owners.

Well done correctly, social networking can breathe new life into your media attention, causing your brand and product/service awareness to go viral, and position you in front of your existing customers, new prospects, quality leads, and brand advocates.

Use these social networking public relations tips that will help expand your brand recognition and possibly, help invite more brand advocate your way.

These strategies are simple and highly useful.

1.  Create a Blog About It

Any time you get a media attention, be sure to have it mentioned in your blog.
Have a link pointing to whoever mentioned you or the publication and chant their praises.)

Use the appropriate keywords for SEO (search engine optimization) that will bring in new leads and get your name identified with that topic.

Casually, you can also talk with honesty in a blog about the emotional side of being featured in a media platform; your behind-the-scenes observations and excitement can also be shared.
By this, you help to show how truthful you are about your personality and you’re easily spotlighted as a good person for other media to have a call upon you.

For information on how to create a blog check out this post.

2.  Create A Video Blog To Gain More Media Exposure

Tips and information related to your Brand and Product/Service can further be converted to a video blog.

When done well, it can phenomenally drive more traffic to your website.

If you were featured somewhere else in a print publication, converting it to a video will make of it an awesome welcome idea.

3.  Make Use Of RSS Feeds To Share Your Post With A Larger Audience

Link your blog’s RSS feed to social networking sites so that more people can start reading about your media appearances and other PR.

A great advantage of using an RSS feed is that it does the work of autopilot posting for you! 
"So you just sit back and relax while your message goes on a Roller Coaster Ride right into the front of a wider audience."

So if you share good news about a media mention, more people are gonna learn about it. 
The impact of RSS feeds is exponential.

More information is out there about this awesome tool to take advantage of on the internet.

"You should consider using RSS feeds your automated public relations department"

4.  Your Database Should Know

Having a nice party is not wrong! In fact, a wise advice is to always court attention from the media.

So, sometimes it is necessary for people to see us in the spotlight. You can send out a humble but compelling message to your contacts inviting them to have a look out for your great PR.
Embed a link to your blog or the site where the experience is talked much about in details.

One of the best gifts you can give to your media exposure, reinventing its existence is by sharing it on the online digital marketing platform, even though you have the best PR that is definitely worth the applause. It doesn't just stop there.

A note to remember!

"Making a sales pitch is not the idea here, but rather it's a thumb up to your great public relations."

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