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7 Important Tips for B2B Web Design

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7 Important Tips for B2B Web Design

When creating your B2B website, you will get to avoid taking unnecessary steps that don’t add to the overall success of your business.

Within the online digital marketing parlance, these necessary tips will be very helpful if observed and the bottom line is to have more impact on your target audience.

Right Choices Of Colour Combinations

You don't want your audience to strain their eyes before they can read your message, so red text on a blue background is no good for them. Also, any color (except white) on a black background, light text on white backgrounds and dark text on dark backgrounds are wrong combinations.

It is very necessary to observe this rule especially if a lot of text is used because it is very vital that your message is easy to read and doesn't hurt people's eyes. But very often, red text on a blue background has been on the use a lot, even though it is a wrong choice of colour combination in B2B web designing.

Too Much Popup Windows

One of the most annoying things ever seen when visiting some of the B2B websites today is too much of a popup window.
This overused website tool can be found on some big sites I do not want to mention.

You get too much of it upon your visit to these sites that clouds your original intent of visiting the site- the content. This is distracting, and will usually cause website users to leave a site with lots of popup windows.

Someone noted this very important point and I subscribe to it. He said if your free web host gives you the option to choose between a banner in a popup window or a banner at the top of the page select the one on the page. And if they don't do anything else but popup adverts only, then it is high time you subscribe to a new web host.

Decide Between Compatibility And Technology

It does more arm to your site than good if your site uses more tools like java clocks and menus with sounds which make your website to load slower in browsers. The bottom line is increased bounced rates and fewer click throughs.

"Of course, you might think using those tools makes you appear more smarter, but that is ironic on your part.”

Likewise, just because others borrowed what is used in some other B2B websites, and usually, it don't really add any improvement to their websites, doesn't mean you should.

And finally, you know some browsers don’t even support them either so it does not really worth trying it out while designing your B2B website.

No Too Many Screaming Adverts

Too many a website is all laid up in many adverts!
Upon your visit to a site and then one of the pages, 2 banners are at the top with some text underneath are there screaming at your face.

And if they also allow affiliate programs in their sites like Google adsense affiliate program, affiliate program, and other types of affiliate programs? then, they will be all laid with different banners. And then lastly, at the bottom, you have some other popup ads.

“Although it may be tempting to have more adverts in order for one to make more money, but money is never made that way.”

Having some few highly targeted ads can put more money into your business' pulse order than distracting your visitors with bunch of unwanted ads and then defeating the purpose why they initially visited your web site which may makes them leave, either.

Reduce Movement Of Things

The first and foremost thing you should try and remember when designing a B2B web site is to maintain a consistent design. An exceptional case is the design of the main.

If your site is irregular by moving things around your site's navigation or if the pages are all completely different from each others, you will get your visitors confused. And sometimes they might think otherwise that they have vacated your site, or sometimes finding the link back to your website's home page might be difficult for them.

Consistency is the game here so try making use of technologies like frames and tables throughout your site to maintain consistent navigation and your visitors will be please with your site.

No Overcrowded Screen

A very important thing to do when designing your website is to leave a bit of space. Even though screen space is precious and you want to try and make the best use of it, try to leave some blank space, leave some margins, use shorter paragraphs and don't fill up the screen with animated GIFs.

Creating more space in your site will make it look "clean"and "open" and your sites visitors will welcome it.

In business you do want to avoid anything that breaks the link between you and your customers so, you do not want to divert your site visitors' attention away from your content Using animated GIFs. The content is what they are originally at your site for.

Proper Navigation

Don’t make this common mistake of thinking that your sites visitors know exactly where to find what they are looking for on your site when designing your B2B web site. You must make sure that the people visiting your site know where to find every piece of information.

Use proper descriptive navigation links. You can obviously use link back to your homepage and interlinks pointing to your other pages.

You can also possibly include a search function box in your site which is not difficult to put in place.
Here are sites in which you can obtain free site search widget from: Google, Everwebcodebox, Freebyte, Freefind, etc.

I trust these tips and many more out there you can dig out are all poised to give your website visitors more and more reasons why they should not leave your site easily. And in the end they will glad and thankful they visited your site, and would want to do business with you.

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